About Us

BS Landscaping LLC

Nestling in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Palm Tree Emirates – BS Landscaping LLC. a proud member of the Khan Group, is now one of Emirate’s leading international suppliers of agricultural products, contracting, landscaping, irrigation, design and maintenance.

For more than two decades, the management of, Palm Tree Emirates – BS Landscaping LLC, have excelled in the Agriculture arena, specializing in exotic plants, the supply chain, logistics, irrigation and logistics.

The company, a leader in production, integration and advanced technical knowledge, - provides the client with a total package, - from start to finish, - from initial planning to final handover of the project. - Now also offering a maintenance solution.

Palm Tree Emirates – BS Landscaping LLC, is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions and state of the art services for global organizations and partners in search of professionalism.


Creating a Greener Future and
A Better Place For All

Our Team is managed by a core of professional individuals who are dedicated to provide our clients with the best service and support. We offer:
  • Landscaping Contracting
  • Irrigation Contracting
  • Agricultural Nursery professionals
  • Landscaping Maintenance
  • Irrigation Maintenance