Date Palm Tree -Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm Tree -Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm Tree  -Phoenix dactylifera

Date palm tree   0526277568 Phoenix dactylifera, supply and planting in Dubai –UAE, producer and supplier of all types of Exotic Decorative Palm trees all sizes available.

We’re specialized in supply and planting natural Date palm trees for commercial and residential projects. Emirates and Saudi Arabia date palm verities growers and supply from emirates local farms

Get the best deals on 052 6277568 Dates Palm Trees in Dubai UAE., 24/7 Customer Service.  Faster  Delivery.  Guaranteed   Quality  Check.  Affordable Rates with express delivery  Buy  Palm trees from the largest agriculture farmes in the Middle East. 050 8593679 supply and planting home services. 050 8593679 - 0582662554

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