Landscaping Contracting

Landscaping Contracting

Palm Tree Emirates – BS Landscaping llc .,  is a full service providers of Landscaping contraction Company based in Dubai – UAE.,  We specialized in  residential and commercial landscaping services and take pride in knowing that we are the best at what we do.  our comprehensive product line delivers the solutions you need for successful project completion and ease of maintenance. 

We are fully committed to achieve the balance and harmonious beauty of nature. We provide our customers with every possible landscaping design that best suits their requirement, enhance and beautify their property.

Our experienced landscape contractor services include irrigation, repair, lighting, custom landscaping, a complete landscape plan and design, a unique landscaping idea for each home and business.

Our team is ready to provide you free estimate of our complete and professional landscaping services….

Our client scope in the UAE market is well established and we have a large international network.  Most of our projects and clients are situated in Europe, South Africa, Asia Pacific and mainly, the Middle East.